The Hammock

Last year I started camping with a hammock. I couldn't ever seem to get comfortable in a tent. Yeah there was a lot of space in my 2 man, but the ground and I never got along very well. Plus I was tired of carrying a 6 lb tent around. 
So I purchased a simple Travel Hammock for $20. 

This hammock converted me to the way of the hammock. Weighing just over a pound and packing down to the size of Nerf football was a huge benefit to my new lightweight backing life. 
But the comfort is what really got me. For me a hammock works great. The banana shape doesn't bother me very much, and it's way better then the bumps and slants of the ground.

Then towards the end of last summer, a mistake on my part caused a rip in this hammock. 

So for my graduation present my parents got me a Clark Ultra Light Jungle Hammock. Which I used for the first time last night.  

This hammock is very comfortable. It has great balance that allows you to turn and lay on your side easily. It also has a built in mosquito net and rain fly (both removable). I didn't use the mosquito net last night, but man did I get my money's worth out of the rain fly. It rained for 8 hours straight, and not a single drop got into the hammock. And this wasn't some wimpy rain, it was a monsoon by Utah standards. 

This hammock isn't cheap, but if you like hammock camping, it's worth the money. It packs down small and weighs a little over 2 pounds. 

Can't wait to use it some more!