Maple Canyon Left Fork - Spring Starter trip

Today I went on my first day hike this spring. I really love this time of year. The weather is perfect for hiking, just cool enough to keep you from getting hot when moving, but not enough to chill you when you stop. We also had great cloud cover today, which I also appreciate. 

The wild flowers have started blooming.....

....and in large numbers. 

The runoff has been going on for a good 2 weeks and it still has some pretty good volume behind it. The left fork of Maple Canyon follows the creek consistently and provides for some pretty great finds. 
This tree was amazing. It's branches had grown out to the trail where it could get the sunlight, and then straight up. 

Maple Canyon is a great day hike. There are many different types of trees and the woods around the trail and creek have some real character. This trail also goes all the way over the mountain making for a great one night through-hike that I hope to do this summer. 

Thanks to Lars (seen here) and TJ for coming along. I had a great time. 

Stats: Turns out to be almost exactly 3 miles round trip, but the GPS has a hard time keeping a signal in the canyon - as you can see below. 

3 miles
966 feet of vertical climb