Two things that don't mix

This weekend I took the scouts to a little place up the Provo Canyon called Big Springs (or East Vivian Park). It is a terrific trail leading up the backside of Provo Peak and is perfect for quick overnighters during any season.
I expected the usual easy hike up the trail, set up camp, joke around with the scouts, and hit the sack. However, it didn't quite go that way.
Around dinner my gut started to act weird, I wasn't really hungry (strange), I couldn't get comfortable, and I wasn't sure if everything in me was completely solid anymore.
I suffered through it and then hit the sack........but never fell asleep.
Instead the increasing magnitude of the problem in my gut motivated me to pack up and bail. There were 4 other leaders with the scouts so I knew they would be OK.
I hit the trail sinking in 12-18 inches of snow as I went, when it suddenly came to me.......I had food poisoning. The signs were all there.
Luckily I made it home before the digestive tract H-bomb let loose.
But let me tell you, coming off the mountain alone in the dark and cold while your gut is turned into a carnival of not fun.