Nebo - my nemesis

Yep, got stormed off Nebo again...

My friend Bronc, his 12 year old boy Caleb, and myself spent the night on Nebo (just below the bowl) with the plan to hit the summit the next morning. It rained all night and still was when we woke up. A fast packer headed up the mountain and quickly returned, reporting that the storm and lightning was really bad up on top.

We waited for sometime and then decided to head down and try another day. On the way down we ran into a couple groups that were going for it anyways.

Turns out they made a smart decision because when we got back the truck the sky was overcast, but the summit was clear.

We still had a good time, and a nice night swinging in our hammocks.

Oh, and we stumbled up a dead cow that a bear had been feeding on. I'll save you all the details of why we think it was a bear's dinner, but we are pretty convinced.

If I get the opportunity I am going to hit the top of this place before it snows.

Bronc, loving the smell of the bear cache