Red Ledges

Snow shoeing - the first time

Today was my first time snow shoeing. I have been cross country skiing quite a bit and figured that i would enjoy shoeing, but i didn't realize how much i was going to enjoy it.
It, of course, helps that we picked the most perfect day of the year to go. Fresh powder, perfect temp, light snow fall from time to time, no wind, and few people. It was great.

My buddy Adam and I did the Big Springs loop up the right fork of Provo Canyon, a popular place for shoers, skiers, and many others.

On of the best things about Big Springs is that there is several types of terrain. From packed road, to small trails, to open fields of powdery snow.

The trail through the woods is my preferred route when hiking here, so we took that today. Winding through the trees was very enjoyable, the muffling affect that the snow has on sounds is one of my favorite things about winter.

There is a lot to see along the trail, and some great photo ops. There are some of those crazy trees i love......

...gorgeous streams with glowing green moss that pops out from the snow.....

...majestic views of the mountains...
...and even beaver ponds.
We figure there was about 4 feet of snow pack the whole way......which was confirmed when I was able to "dunk it" on this hoop that someone installed in the middle of nowhere.

The dirty stats of the trip are: about 4.15 miles and a little over 800 vertical feet of elevation gain in 1.5 hours of moving time. By no means a killer trek, but enough to give you a workout while you enjoy the scenery.

I am excited to go snow shoeing again. It is about the best training i can think of for backpacking. But next time i think i will take my hammock and have a short nap at the top of the trail.