Dibbles Canyon

Today was perfect for a trip to the mountains. I decided to do a solo hike up Maple canyon, then splitting off into Dibbles canyon, and hopefully making it to the saddle that drops into diamond fork.

It turned out to be the best trip yet this summer. I couldn't have asked for much more.

I actually met my pal TJ Wurth coming down the trail, he had already been out for about 2 hours and we caught each other at the trail head. He turned right around and followed me up the trail for a little over a mile, it was nice to have company for part of the trip. And then after that, I didn't see or hear another soul until i returned to the main trail.

Dibbles canyon trail starts out in a pine forest and follows a seasonal creek through the pines and into the aspens.
The wild flowers are very healthy and colorful right now. I counted at least 8 different species.

The trail opens up into a couple of incredibly beautiful meadows. I am definitely going to have to spend the night sometime.

The view as you begin to approach the saddle. The crest of the saddle sits at 7,671 feet. The peak to the left of the saddle is un-named.

Hmmm. Interesting markings about 7 feet up on this tree.

If I would have had more time, I would have stretched out under this tree....

....and fallen asleep to this view.

I can't prove it. But I am pretty certain that the path leading up to the gates of Heaven, is lined with an Aspen grove.

Dibbles Canyon Walk through


Trail head: Whiting Campground - note: they are now charging a $6 day pass
Starting elevation: 5,571
Saddle crest elevation: 7,671
Total vertical gain: 2,094
Round trip miles: 6.5
Average grade: 12%

Dibble Canyon Partial Profile - GPS reception is very sketchy for the lower half of the trip