The Flaming Green

During the first week of August I spent one night in the Uintas and then 3 days on the Green River as it flows from the Flaming Gorge Dam. This was the second time that I made this trip and it was just as amazing as the first time I went.

The flaming cliffs of the Red Canyon tear into the blue ski above the first dozen miles of the river. The river winds along the path that it has so painstakingly carved from the red rock over the last several thousand years. The river controls its tremendous power with gentle care, demanding your respect with every bend.
Trout, that would leave leftovers, swim past the boat with clearly displaying their confidence in avoiding the Petty traps of man.

As the river continues, one can enjoy the comfort of well built and maintained camps, historical sites, and even a pay-phone, but the wild creeps in more and more as the miles continue.

The Red Canyon gives way to grass covered banks and views of the surrounding mountains, as Swallow Canyon slowly creeps up.

The 32 river miles from the dam to the Swinging bridge, just inside the Colorado border, give the floater a variety of water and land experiences.

This is an adventure that deserves all of praise that a simple writer can give.